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Well I'll Just Be Caitlin Rose, Sheesh
Well I'll Just Be Caitlin Rose, Sheesh


New EP to be released as Caitlin Rose.

After four years of writing, recording and playing live, Nashville’s own Save Macaulay the Band has decided to break up.

All reference to Save Macaulay will now be made as Caitlin Rose.

With very little explanation as to what happened within the group to cause such a drastic change after so many years of a being a band, primary singer/songwriter, Caitlin Rose simply states, 'Save Macaulay the Band broke up. We're through."

It comes as a shock to many, including label head, Aaron Hartley of theory 8 records. "I didn't see this one coming at all. I've seen plenty of bands call it quits over the years but never a group so close as Save Macaulay. I just hope Caitlin can pull herself together, step up to the plate and be able to carry herself as a solo act. It can be a tough transition to make, but I'm confident she'll surprise us all."

The break up comes on the verge of what would be Save Macaulay's first release, now to be released as Caitlin Rose. It is a seven song EP, produced by Andrija Tokic, that contains five original songs and two covers, "Three Cigarettes in an Ashtray” originally performed by Patsy Cline and the title track,"Dead Flowers" by The Rolling Stones.

The Dead Flowers EP will be officially released as Caitlin Rose by theory 8 records in January of 2008. It will be a predecessor to the debut LP, produced by Joel J. Dahl and Jeremy Ferguson, also to be released by theory 8 records in the Spring of 2008.

Five new songs from both the EP and LP are now available on Caitlin Rose's myspace page.

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